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Adone Pozzobon Artist Bio:  Welcome, allow me to introduce myself and to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my background.  My name is Adone T. Pozzobon and I am the artist and founder of Adone Galleries, AdoneGalleries.com   / engravingarts.com and engravingarts.net

Art has always played a significant role in my family's history; my grandfather was an Ornamental woodcarver of fine furniture and my father a classically trained painter and sculptor.

Instinctively, I followed in their footsteps and specialized skills within various artistic fields, sculpting, painting, graphical photography... so that in one form or another I had participated in art all my life.  These, combined would form the foundation and framework of my career.

I began hand engraving studies in 1994 when reference resources and specialty tools were virtually unattainable and awareness to those in existence even less prevalent.  The internet was still in its infancy and information gathering was generally local so that by necessity there was little choice but to hand make many needed tools using a library book as a visual reference.

Initially I trained using traditional engraver's hammer and chisels, and handheld incising tools and eventually I selected more sophisticated tooling as it became available, fine pneumatic pulse hammers and quality optics, and superior tool steels for engraving.  For several years I practiced day and night spending countless hours tapping away building on the foundation of my dream until I was ready to begin an exciting new chapter in my life as a professional engraving artist.

For the first three years I worked almost exclusively with custom gunsmiths servicing the antique firearm collector's community.  And it was through those sources that I had the wonderful opportunity to study traditional American and European classic engraving while restoring engraved decorations on fine quality antique period pistols and hunting rifles.

In time I refined my skills developing my own signature style and began exploring more artistic commissions engraving original art on prestigious rifles and shotguns and eventually into smaller more demanding detailed work on collection art knives, fine luxury rings, fountain pens, and wristwatches.

My most favorite commissions are those that best express a certain sentiment envisioned by the customer. Or those, that by their very symbolism carry a unique meaning and tends to excite those it attracts through artistic expression.

Many of my engravings reside in private collections however the majority of my work is worn daily as personal commissioned art from my very own line of custom art rings.  I am fortunate to have held commissions in most continents with customers from varying philosophies and from every level of social and financial status including nobility, and all sharing a common trait that unifies them, an inner penchant to own beautifully engraved art.

My engravings have appeared in various printed publications, in Hollywood feature films and have won the prestigious art award "In the pursuit of excellence, furthering Canadian Cultural Arts" being awarded the Grand Purse from 'Canada Council for the Arts'.

In closing it is my wish that you enjoy my portfolio and find the site informative, feel free to write me if you have any questions or simply wish to say hello, I'd be pleased to hear from you.  Many thanks  Adone.


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